Free Trade Zone

“GreenLand Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruits & Dried Good Packaging” has stratigically chosen the “Anzali Free Trade Zone” as it’s location for the factory, partly due to some the major advantages that this area has to offer such as:

  • 15 years tax exemption from income and assets
  • Possibility of %100 foreign ownership
  • The possibility of unlimited investment for both Iranian and Foreign nationals
  • Full protection and guarantee of foreign investment
  • Free transfer and repatriation of capital and profits
  • Flexible banking and monetary system and foreign exchange laws
  • Flexible and Simplified labor employment regulations, terms and conditions
  • No tax and duties for raw materials and machinery imported for productions manufacturing in the zone
  • Very law charge and easy procedures for re- exported goods
  • No time limitation for release of cargo in Anzali free zone
  • Full protection for labor forces, capital investment, company registration and ingoing and outgoing capital
  • More charge discount(off) for ships entrance into the Free Zone(even less than %10)
  • Easy registration of company ,industrial firm, institute and intellectual ownership in the zone
  • Possibility of establishing Iranian and foreign branches of banks and credit institutions as well as insurance institutes
  • Cargo transit and re-export without any limitations
  • Cargo retailing for foreign or Iranian nationals
  • Providing land for investors in industrial, trade, tourism and service sections
  • Proximity to industrial, petrochemical and manufacturing centers
  • Bank & credit, insurance, customs and other related services agencies network
  • Modern equipments for loading, unloading and handling of cargo
  • Active management support

Other advantages include:

  • Existence of port installation, facilities and maritime transportation
  • On the direction of north-south international corridor of Nostrac which is the 21th century transit corridor of Asia-Europe
  • Connects Helsinki port (North Europe) via Russia to the north & south ports of the Caspian Sea, then trough Persian Gulf to the south-eastern countries of Asia
  • Easy access to north & south ports of Europe through Volga River & Volga-Den (bay)
  • Adjacency to the Rasht international airport
  • International highway of Anzali – Rasht – Ghazvin
  • Existence of access roads to the consumption markets of C.I.S countries
  • Adjacent to ports of Astrakhan & Lagan in Russia, Kerasnodesk in Turkmenistan, Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan
  • Existence of specialist work force
  • Adjacency to the vast gas & crude oil of the Caspian Sea
  • Ghazin – Anzali – Astara railroad
  • Closeness to Capital of Iran (Tehran about 360 km)
  • Proximity to 5 power station
  • Possession of main infrastructures

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