Greenland Fruit Juices, Fresh Fruits Packaging and Dried Fruits & Nuts Packaging

Strategically located in one of Iran’s few  Free Trade Zones , great care and emphasis has been placed in plant design, choice of machinery, quality control considerations and selection of raw materials sources.  Particular care has been placed in adhering to the highest hygienic standards in the fruit juice production and packaging of fresh fruits and dried goods.

This newly established facility, carries over 30 years of experience in the fields of Fruit Juice Production, Fresh Fruits Packaging, Aseptic Packaging of Dried Goods such as all types of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Rice, Beans, etc.

Furthermore, strict hygiene & environmental controls such as advanced air conditioning systems, high tech machinery, and hygienic finishings contribute to better quality products as well as natural extension of shelf life on all  GreenLand products.

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2000 Tons Varieties of Fruit Juice Concentrates

Greenland Food Industries”, is active in the fields of producing Varieties of Fruit Juices and Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fresh Fruits Packaging, and Dried Goods Packaging. The company was registered in the year 2006, in the city of Anzali – Iran.

Greenland operates in an 8100 square meters area and enjoys the special import and export conditions of the Free Trade Zone, utilizing the vast potentials in the agricultural and logistics of the area.

The company started operations in the year 2008 with official licenses to annually produce or package:

  • 2000 Tons Varieties of Fruit Juices
  • 2000 Tons Varieties of Fruit Juice Concentrates
  • 100 Tons of Emulsions
  • 1500 Tons Packaging of Dried Goods
  • 1000 Tons Packaging of Fresh Fruits
  • 1000 Tons Canning food,olives & olive oil
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